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What's your story? Who are you?

my7 fosters storytelling through the choices we make. This deep and quality social space is where you can share what you love. At my7 we believe that every choice you make defines you and evolves with you over time. Curate the things that you are passionate about: seven people, places or things (chefs, books, music, vacation spots, etc) in only seven defining categories that you create. Find the wine you loved from that favorite Marc Forgione restaurant, add it to my7 under Best Red Wines and his place under Restaurants New York. Stayed in an amazing house in Santa Barbara and want to share that with friends, create a category called SoCal Rentals and share it there. Your friends will appreciate your recommendations and share their favorite seven with you!


You, your friends and everyone around the globe. Discover their very favorites!

By Category

Browse your friends' favorites and search to see what's trending in any category.


Look at the details and read what is important to people. Try it and share as your own.

Create a more personal social experience

Current social media can be vast and bottomless. There is a movement away from being hijacked by typical social media and a return to "quality social". At my7 we foster discovery and recommendations of those and things dear to us and places that influence our lives. There are few that we love—our favorites, and we share them in my7 with our family and friends. They might change over time but for the moment they define who we are.

This is my7

At my7 we believe that as you grow, your sensibilities evolve and this will be a reflection of who you are as a person. Over time, the app will become a go-to place to search for recommendations as you discover what others outside your circle love and post. Looking for the best camera, the idea of “crowdloving” in my7 will help you focus and give you quality results.

Download, Collect and Share!

So get started now. Download the my7 app, collect your favorites and categorize them. Recommend your favorite scarf, hand cream or that Swiss hotel escape! Just whatever you do, really think about who you are and what sets you apart from the rest. Every choice you make defines you, so be selective.

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Get the my7 app on the App Store

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